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A belief of living in today-and tomorrow!

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Architectural Consultancy

        Born as a Dream in mind with a belief of living in Today - and Tomorrow! The ArchStory took shape in 2015 and came into existence in 2017. It took a lot of time but experiencing and learning new things Matter! Doesn't mean we've stopped learning though. Because our decisions have a lasting Impact on everyone - we make them thoughtfully!

        Since then we're discovering more and more creative ways to translate our client's vision into positive actions.

        We've been dealing into versatile styles of Architecture and Interior Design; from Residential to Commercial to Industrial; also at different Scales - be it a Feature/Accent wall to Residential Apartment and Commercial build forms, Our Portfolio reflects it all. Our only vision is that, every inch of space should speak of it's Owner's style.

        Choosing the right Architect for your building can be one of the biggest decision you make. Within an overwhelming array of Architects, how will you come up with "The Right one"?

        When you work with The ArchStory, you can be confident you'll be teaming up with Creative, Professional, Knowledgeable, Innovative, Trustworthy, Flexible and Attentive boutique Architects.

Working with The ArchStory means:

  • You'll benefit from our tailored approach to design, with your lifestyle and goals brought to your space.

  • Practical designs & efficient use of space.

  • All our team is highly qualified, experienced in working on different scale of project and accredited, bringing a professional approach.

  • We use cutting-edge technology to make the process easier for you - including 3D visualisation, and virtual reality simulators to bring your space to life sooner.

Things We Take Care About:

Interior Design Consultancy

Landscape Design


3D Visualisation, Turnkey, Project Management and More...






        I'm the Founder and Principal of The Archstory and bring with me 6 years of experience in designing homes, corporate spaces, multi-use spaces.

        I'm a registered Architect, Interior Designer and a graduate of SOA, IPSA with a Diploma in Architecture and Interior Design from RGPV. Also I'm a Certified Vastu Consultant.

        I'm passionate about working on different styles, spaces and challenging needs. The most important thing I love about being an Architect is creating spaces that grow with your family and colleagues; help you use space efficiently.

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