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Before getting started, it’s important to prepare for the journey you are about to embark on. We hope these resources will help you as we begin to plan your project.

Creating a Complete Project Scope

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Before getting started, it’s important to prepare for the journey you are about to embark on. We hope these resources will help you as begin to plan your project.

Getting Organised

To organize the many components and trades required for your project, we find it helpful to divide the project scope into the following categories:

construction site

Site Preparation

Clearing of the site, if necessary. There may also be a need to carry out some earth moment and levelling.

Bricks and Mortar

Framing - Walls & Roof Structure

Installation of main concrete floor slab. Foundation and any "in slab" plumbing will be laid out.

Reinforcing Steel


Once the construction of the walls and roof structure is complete the roof will be installed and made waterproof.

Patterned Walls

External Finishes

Depending on your type of house construction method, the exterior walls will now be finished.

Window Installation

Windows and Doors

Now that heavy site work has finished it is safe to install the windows and external doors.

Electrical Inspectors


Electricians and plumbers will install the required electrical cables and pipes but they wont connect the cables or pipes to live sources now. 

Painting Wall

Internal Finishes

Internal wall finishes and floor finishes. This will include plastering, painting, tiling and the installation of finished floors.

Wooden Dressing Room


Installation of any built in furniture. Things like skirting boards and door and window trims are also added at this time.

Electrical Work

Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) Fit Out

Installation of lights, switches and power outlets and make the system live and faucets, sinks, toilets, showers and other wet systems.

House Viewing

Practical Completion

The stage where your house is essentially complete. You will tour the property & make a final inspection to ensure everything has been built and completed as agreed 

home keys


This is the moment you have been waiting for! We will hand you the keys to your new home after addressing the issues raised during “practical completion” tour if any.

The Value of Design

Home Decor

Setting Expectations

Your project's design will directly impact the amount of value and enjoyment at your home. Projects that are designed using a structured process led by a qualified designer, create lasting value for their owners with proper design process which helps the owner discover what is possible, understand options, and visualise the project before it is built.

Goals of Process: Discover, Understand and Visualise 


Discover your Style

The designed space should be a reflection of your personal style and preferences, not that of your designer. Many homeowners don’t know exactly what their style is and those that do, typically do not know how to translate it. Because of this, your designer should have a dedicated process for discovering your distinct style and preferences. This ensures that the design will be a space created to reflect you.

Construction Site

Discover the Property

It's important to gather all documentation on your property to review relevant easement. Your designer should also document the property's topography, allowing them to create a design that properly accounts for existing slopes.

Row of Houses

Understand Your Options

Your project has endless potential and countless options for customization. From the size and shape to the materials and furnishings, your designer should show you what's possible and provide guidance on each option. Your feedback should then be incorporated throughout the formation of the design.

Visualise with a Variety of Deliverables

A good design process should culminate in a complete set of deliverables that include plan view drawings, construction details, and realistic 3D renderings. These will allow you to confidently move forward to construction.

Blueprint Design

Plan View Drawing

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Construction Details

Modern Building

3D Rendering

Staying on Budget


Staying on budget is often the biggest concern for homeowners, especially if they fall in love with a design they can't afford to implement. Without a designated process and proper guidance, staying on budget is often difficult.

At The ArchStory, we've created a consistent process to achieve design outcomes with every project. Visit our Process page to learn more about the ArchStory Journey.

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