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The ArchStory Journey

     A consistent process to produce unique projects, create lasting property value, and delight clients.

     Our process is broken into 4 major steps until completion. We break the process down below to explain how a dream becomes a reality.

Process Breakdown

Getting to know us
Designing your Dream
Preparing to build
Building your Dream


Getting to Know Us

On the Phone

A. Schedule a Call

Our initial call will help us get introduced to each other. We'll discuss what you are looking to have done, your timeline for the project, your budget, and answer any of your immediate questions.

B. Project Consultation

We'll continue the conversation to make sure we understand your project properly and answer any of your remaining questions about us. Our goal at the end of this meeting is to know if we want to work together.

C. Make First Design Payment


Designing your Dream

Laptop and Notebook

A. Discovery

We'll review inspiration photos to discover your preferences regarding layout, style, and materials.

We'll take measurements of your property and chart your existing utilities allowing us to create an accurate base map.

We'll provide a detailed breakdown of your project scope with cost estimates to show how each element of the project effects the project budget.

B. Design Concepts

Your design concept will be created through several rounds of drawings. After each round of drawings, you'll provide feedback that will inform the next round until you select your final concept. Most clients receive 2-3 rounds of drawings.

C. Refine and Update Budget

Once you select a final Design Concept, we'll update the budget. You'll then have the chance to proceed as-is, make changes to the design with budget, or terminate the design process without further cost.

D. Second-Half of the Design Fee is due

Working Silhouettes

E. Selections and Design Details

Material and Finish Selections

Appliance and Equipment Selections

Custom Feature Design

F. Design Presentation and Final Pricing

G. Make First Build Fee Payment


Preparing to Build

Working from Home

A. Pre-Construction Meeting

We'll provide our pre-construction checklist, explain what to expect during construction, and answer any remaining questions.

B. Start Date

Your project start date will be a function of the HOA and permit approval processes and our existing backlog of work. Projects are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Building your Dream

Construction workers on work site

A. Weekly Progress

Construction Progress (% Complete)

Estimated completion date

What we completed during the week

What we plan to complete next we

Anything you need to be aware of

B. Project Turnover Meeting

We’ll help you get comfortable with the new space by meeting one last time to review your space. 

Stay In Touch.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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